White is a gorgeously clean and pure colour. Delicate and elegant, it is perfect to compliment other colours such as black, red and brown. If your living, or working, area needs a subtle touch of class added – why not consider picking up a white tub chair which will enhance any room.

Here, we have taken a quick look at the options available to you if you’d like to pick up one of these beautiful white chairs.

white tub chairMiadomodo Chesterfield

We will begin by having a look at the Miadomodo Chesterfield Armchair in white. At just under £55 this is a great looking budget chair that looks much more expensive than it really is. It is upholstered for extra comfort levels and seems to be very durable, if treated correctly.

Its faux-leather feels soft to the touch and is easily cleaned. Extras include diamond studding and/or copper fittings. The Miadomodo is also available in brown, gold or silver colour schemes and for about £20 extra you can pick it in a set (which includes a matching footstool).

cream bucket chairSofa Collection White Tub Chair

This offering from Sofa Collection UK is also a rather nice piece of furniture. It isn’t strictly white (more off white) but looks beautiful regardless. It’s a fabric chair and features four dark wooden legs for added elegance. It measures 71 cm (height) x 66 cm (width) x 66 cm (diameter). The fabric is soft and is of high quality and the manufacturer claims that it is easy to clean should it pick up and scuffs or dirt.

Retailing at about £85 this is a fine white tub that will look the part in any setting. A one year guarantee tops off the features of this remarkable chair.