tub chairs ukYou make have landed on this page by inputting the term ‘tub chairs uk’ on Google or Bing. But, rest assured you have landed on the right page if you’re looking to buy tub chair products in the United Kingdom. We will look at your options, where to buy them, how to spot amazing deals and bargains, and what to look out for – all in this very article.

So, What Are They?

Tub – or bucket – chairs are rounded backed chairs, which are commonly found in waiting rooms, airport lounges, bars & lounges and residential homes all over the world. They have a curved design, come in various fabric and colour options and are ever so comfortable to sit down in.

Originating in the 1700’s they have become very popular since, experiencing an large boom in sales in the 1960’s notably – and you would be forgiven if you thought they were invested in the swinging 60’s!

What’s Your Budget?

Before you even begin to think about purchasing a tub chair you will have to consult your bank balance. How much are you putting by to spend on one of these products? We have sourced chairs for a little less than £50 and we have also discovered products whose asking prices reach up to £500. Varying prices ensure customers have a choice of how much they want to spend. Buying for a guest room that’s rarely used? No problem, go with the £60 option. Buying a chair for use in your home and want it to be the centre-piece? That’s perfect, why not splash out on a £300 tub which will woo and amaze any visitors to your home.

Tub Chairs UK – Your Options

  • Fabric or Leather – Yes, you can pick these items up in a lot of different materials. The fabric versions are the popular choice for those not looking to spend much. There are also gorgeous looking faux (fake) leather chairs which come in at under £100 which look like they’d cost twice that amount (check out the 1home Bonded Tub for more one such model). On the other end of the scale, you can pick up a real leather tub chair (such as the Sonix tub) for just over £200. Ultra-premium/designer models can also reach up to £1000, but these are usually found in boutique style furnishing stores.
  • Colours – This is where you’re on your own. What colour you prefer is totally up to yourself. Thankfully, there are lots of choices. Pink, red, black, yellow, green, blue, white, ivory… phew! As you can see – any colour is available to buy in bucket chairs, and the only limit is your imagination.

Where Can I Buy Bucket Chairs?

This is one of the trickiest parts of buying a tub. There are literally so many stores (online and offline) which offer great deals and bargains on a regular basis. Here are our top picks:

  • All Tub Chairs UK Catalogue – Our online store features only the best tub chairs. We have models at every price range and have multiple designs and colours in stock. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Amazon – The online superstore is a great resource for by tub chairs in the UK. They also have user ratings, refined search options, and regular discounts.
  • Ebay – Looking to pick up a secondhand bucket chair? Ebay is a great website to visit and 100’s of new listings pop up every day. Highly recommended if you’re on the hunt for a bargain.

Your Local Superstore – Hopping in the car and driving to your local Harvey Norman, Furniture World or Argos is also a very good way to pick up one of these chairs. Actually seeing the product in front of you is the best way to judge and choose.

So, as you can see, finding one of these chairs in the tub style can be quite difficult and at the same time it can be very easy. It can be difficult in regard to deciding on your budget, are you going to buy a fabric or leather model, and deciding on where to buy from can also present challenge. It can be easy because there are so many options and style to suit any taste.