1home is a relatively little-known furniture company – but don’t let that deter you from checking out their sturdy and attractive furnishing products which have been selling like hot cakes over the past number of years.

To create a product that sells well you need it to:

  1. look stylish and give off a look that will subtly fit into any living space
  2. have a pretty good tolerance towards wear-and-tear
  3. carry a price tag which will entice customers to take a closer look at the product

Red Faux Leather Tub Chair

We are glad to report that 1home have ticked these three boxes in creating a truly exquisite red tub chair which comes with a gorgeous faux leather covering. It is currently on sale (reduced from about £200 all the way down to a stunningly low £60 (approx.)) which will no doubt be snapped up by many customers wishing to add some pizzazz and finesse to their living room, or business owners who want to add a regal touch to their office and/or reception area. The chair is divided into three main areas; the chair itself, the foam filled cushion and the legs.

red faux leather tub chair

Elegant & Stain Resistant

The elegantly curved back makes this red leather tub chair very appealing to sit in, and you would be forgiven if you didn’t want to get up such are the comfort levels experienced when relaxing in it. The faux leather’s feel is soft to the touch and can easily be cleaned if it accidentally gets stained by food or liquids (a wet cloth is all that’s needed in most cases). In fact, the bicast leather is coated with a very effective water-resistant film making any spillages that may occur only a tiny problem rather than a ‘Oh no we need to buy a new chair because this one is ruined!’ sort of dilemma. Transporting the chair is also very easy as it is not very big (dimension-wise) and weighs less than you may think.

Very Comfortable

The four supporting legs are lacquered to a high standard with a lovely natural finish and are dark brown in colour – which contrasts well with the vibrant red on top. The chair measures about 70cm from bottom to top forcing the user to sit very close to ground level – this is a very relaxing position to be in so don’t let this deter you from considering this armchair as a viable option for your home.

Other important dimensions are as follows:

  • Width is 66 centimetres
  • Depth measures 68 centimetres

This red tub chair is one of the best we have come across when one takes into consideration its budget price and solid build quality. It will fit in well in most settings – be it a home or office environment. It is also possible to purchase this product in other colours (brown, black or white) so you have no excuse to overlook the merits and plus points this chair possesses.

A real winner in all areas, we recommend this chair very highly here at AllTubChairs.co.uk – so do yourself a favour and check it out.