Recliner Chairs

Not only do we sell tub chairs, we have also now moved into the recliner chair sector. Please have a read through this article for some valuable tips and advice and be sure to check out our online store to see what items we currently have in stock.

Once you’ve taken the plunge, and decided to invest in a recliner chair, we can safely say that you will never go back. Reclining chairs are specially designed chairs that are able to recline (move backwards) – putting the user in a supine position.

Often they’ll also feature a leg rest that can extend at the same time, allowing the user to lie almost completely flat in the chair (other versions come with a separate leg rest instead). Usually, these look and function like regular armchairs until you recline them, at which point they can offer a lot more comfort and support than they normally would. And if you’re looking for a chair that can offer you a bit of luxury and indulgence, then really there’s nothing better!

Who Are Reclining Chairs For?

reclining chair

A recliner looks like a regular armchair when not in use, which means that it can be used as part of the decor in any regular living room. Only when you want the extra functionality does it need to reveal itself, meaning that it really doesn’t have any ‘downside’ for the average family home. It can be upright during active conversation or completely laid back when you’re relaxing with a nice cup of tea.

At the same time though, it has many other uses for all types of people. Young professionals, for example, and anyone who leads a busy lifestyle; being able to literally take a load off after a hard day in work is a real blessing. After a long hard day, being able to relax in that reclined position is perfect for recuperating and recovering.

For those pushed for space, the reclining chair can also be a good choice – as that way you can have one item of furniture capable of doing more than one thing.

These chairs are also great for people who have a range of conditions. If you struggle with leg or back pain of any kind, then being able to lean back in a recliner chair is a great help.

What’s more, is that sitting like this – on one of the superb recliner chairs we sell – is actually very good for you. Studies show that being in a reclined position lowers the signs of stress and that this can actually help enhance creativity among other beneficial effects. Reclining chairs are also perfect for afternoon naps, which are also known to be very beneficial. These chairs offer the perfect balance of being relaxed enough to encourage sleep, while not allowing you to fall completely into a deep sleep as you might do in bed or on a sofa.

How to Choose A Recliner

reclining-chairsAnother great thing about recliners is that they tend to come with all the trappings and some nice little add-ons and features. Seeing as these chairs have such impressive features and look great, they will generally be marketed towards the more luxury end of the spectrum. That means you might get other features such as speakers in the headrest or even a cooler in the arm for storing drinks. This can also be great for showing off to friends or relaxing with a buddy in the evening – just like Chandler and Joey from Friends!

Saying this though, there are products to suit any budget – from cheap models to very expensive offerings, looking around is your best bet to finding a great deal.

If you’re looking for something a little ostentatious, then you might just want a nicely made, plush, leather armchair. These often come as part of suites too, which is an ideal option if you want to decorate your family living room. And yes, you can get recliner sofas too!

If you want something at the more budget end of the spectrum, then you’ll also be well-catered for. Just make sure that the reclining motion is easy and that you get enough comfort and support when you’re in that position – yes, this means sit down in the chair and test it our in the showroom before you buy.

Whatever you decide, recliner chair products are a great addition to any home or any room and can provide a more versatile form of furniture for the ultimate in relaxing – or indeed, sitting up. It’s your choice and one which we are sure you won’t regret – a great investment for the home.