1home has a reputation for creating affordable and stylish furnishings that are ideal for the home or office. When they released this ivory version of their bonded leather tub chair, many people sat up and took notice. It has an RSP of about £199.99, but you can get it new for the discounted price of just under £75. This put it within the range of other lower priced chairs, but the quality suggested by it appears to be much higher than other offerings in this particular price bracket. We took a closer look to see if this really was the incredible deal it promised to be.

What this 1home armchair has to offer…

This is a classic tub chair styled armchair that is covered in faux leather. The leather is bonded PU leather which makes it easy to keep clean and unsoiled. The construction features a four panel seam attachment on the back and armrests with a single cushion. The cushion is filled with support foam. The legs are stained to complement the chair, are highly polished and slightly tapered to give off a subtle, classical look. The chair measures 68 by 66 by 72 cm. Its off-white ivory colouring looks very regal and stylish and the chair should merge into any room or office setting seamlessly.

ivory bucket chair 1home

What sets it apart?

The panel seam construction is something you only find on far more expensive chairs than this discount price allows you access to. The seams allow for natural movement of the bonded PU leather and you won’t develop ripples or pulls over time. The PU material is easy to clean, thick enough to resist tears and very stylish looking. The armrests slope down from the back and end with a subtle out flare. The tub cushion is well padded (filled with high quality foam) that promotes hypoallergenic cleanliness and firm support for years to come. The open leg style is another plus, as is the slightly rounded back – both make this budget tub chair a great addition to the room, or as a ‘collection’ of chairs in a waiting room or conference room without making the room feel heavy, full or overcrowded.

Take Note!

The panel seams mean that you will also have to dry the chair after you wipe it clean. It would be easy for dirt to build up in the seams otherwise, but these additional steps take up but a minute or your time. It doesn’t have upholstery buttons or tacks which are dirt traps and the seams on this chair are sealed so you won’t have to worry about moisture affecting the support padding. The only other thing you will want to do with this chair is make sure that you attach some felt or rubber feet to the bottoms of the legs so it doesn’t shift around on the floor.

Why We Recommend This Chair

This chair is a true bargain. It is worth the full price but 1home frequently does this (slash a large % of their range) with their chair stock as they bring out new designs to their catalogue on a regular basis. It is an excellent choice for your home or office and with the ivory colouring it will impress customers, friends and family alike. This chair is a great choice for customers and comes with a truly outstanding price tag.