If you are looking for a solid, comfortable yet affordable occasional living/bedroom armchair there are a lot of offerings currently on the market. The chair we look at on this page is, in our opinion, the must-have choice because 1) it retails for £59.99 and 2) is available with free delivery in the UK – which puts it in price range that can make it an attractive choice on any budget. The real question is what type of quality and comfort can be found in the chair? We took a closer look (and sit) to find out more…

The Occasional Chair Features

The first thing you notice about the Faux Leather Occasional Armchair is that it is slightly curved to the back. Not only does this create a more comfortable back and arm rest, but it will also allow for it to be nestled in corners easier and maximize space even in the smallest of rooms. The faux leather is of a good quality. It is warm, durable and easy to clean. The armrests start at the top of the curved backrest and then slope gently towards the front edge. Each armrest finishes with the slightest outward flare which adds a welcome touch of elegance. The cushion filling is comprised of a firm and comfortable foam. The legs are dark wood, barely visible and highly polished. This chair is rated to support adults and teens.

faux leather tub chair

What makes this product a great choice?

The curved back makes it ideal for placement near the wall, away from the wall or even in a corner. It boasts a space maximizing design that can draw attention to its presence, or let it recede into the background without giving your room a cluttered appearance. The firm foam cushion is generally very much preferred over other stuffing material. It has hypoallergenic properties and won’t break down easily. The faux leather cover, which can be purchased in many different classic colours, is durable and easy to clean. As an occasional armchair for the living or bedroom area, this chair will fit in comfortably wherever you put it.

The drawbacks

For its price, this is a fantastic chair. The drawback to it comes before you even get a chance to sit in it. It comes fully assembled and boxed. This mean you have to make sure that you have a means to get it up and into wherever it is going. The chair width will make it through most doors, but it won’t hurt to measure first. Another slight drawback is that the legs are not tipped with rubber stops. Adding tips is easy to do, but requires you purchase a set separately to ensure that your floors are fully protected.

Should you get this chair?

In this price range, this is one of the best chairs you can acquire for your home. That you can also get this faux leather armchair occasional in different colours means you can purchase several and they can serve to compliment your interior’s design throughout your living space. Add some rubber stops and get help to bring it into your home, and you have a great deal on a truly wonderful chair.