striped bucket chair ukYou’ve just moved into your new home and wish to furnish it, or maybe you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and class to a jaded living room which has been neglected for far too long. What do you do? There are lots of ways to jazz up a living space, but one of the first things you should consider is investing in one of the many gorgeous and inexpensive fabric tub chairs (which can be viewed in our online catalogue – click here).

These unique chairs are full of character and individuality and can easily become a centre point in any room or hallway – so be sure to choose carefully.

Striped, plain or patterned – there are so many choices when it comes to picking out the right one for you and your home or office. Let us first examine the benefits – and downsides – fabric chairs have, and then we will take a quick look at the most popular ones on the market today.

Benefits of a Fabric Tub Chair

  • Style – unlike cheaper faux leather offerings, these chairs pack a punch when it comes to style and finesse. They look great and will impress visitors and guests to your home, each and every time.
  • Options – Striped, patterned, plain? Which is your favourite? There is no end to the different styles and fabric types available so be sure to do your research before you whip out the credit card (we look at a few excellent options below).
  • Colours – From red to black, white to duck egg blue, yellow to royal blue – any colour imaginable is available with these tub chair products. Top Tip: Be sure that the colour you choose will match the chairs surroundings in your home/office space. It is very easy to get this wrong, resulting in the chair looking very much out of place. Consult an interior designer if you have any doubts on this issue.
  • Uniqueness – Most chairs that sell are of the faux leather or genuine leather types. Fabric chairs are slightly rarer which makes them more sought after by those wishing to invest in something different.

A Few Negative Aspects

  • Cost – In general a fabric tub chair is about 20-30% more expensive than a faux leather one but, with their chic and contemporary styling, aren’t they worth the extra few bob? We think so anyway!
  • Slightly Harder To Clean – These chairs can be harder to clean than their leather counterparts. Keep an eye out for the products which feature microfibre upholstery – as these are simply cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth. You can also invest in a chair cover which can easily be thrown in the washing machine when it becomes dirty or grubby.

Bestselling Fabric Chairs

All products mentioned below can be viewed in the gallery at the end of this page.

Acacia Home currently offers a striped offering which retails for under £95. Dark brown, light brown and cream stripes run down the upholstered chair which screams contemporary elegance. A great addition to any room, the chair measures 65H x 65D x 75W (all cm).

Next up on our list we have a chair with gorgeous white floral designs on black. It is dispatched by Sue Ryder, comes with a detachable foam seat and beautiful black legs finish off the look on this very stylish looking item. A wooden frame ensures durability for years to come. Measurements are: Height 73cm x Depth 71cm x Width 78cm and it retails for a very attractive price tag of about £80.

Our last pick is a funky green tub chair sold by Sofa Collection. A circle style pattern covers the chair and the mid-green tone makes it one that will certainly stand out in any room. It doesn’t have the name ‘Funky Green’ for the sake of it – this is a truly unique looking product that will appeal to those who really like an edgier look. It comes with free UK delivery and a 1 Year Warranty and measures 77cm H x 72cm W x 66cm D. It makes for a great purchase for those looking for fabric tub chairs with a contemporary twist.