Helping your child transition to sitting on their own is an important stage of development. Putting kid sized furniture in their room, playroom or even the main rooms of the house can help to teach them how to sit and play by themselves – without any adult assistance. The Kids Children’s Red with Stars Fabric Tub Seat Armchair Sofa Seat Stool must have one of the longest names for a kid’s chair, but at £39.99 with free delivery in the UK, it is a children’s armchair that should definitely be given a second look.

Main Features

The fabric covering is bright and treated so it is easy to clean and stain resistant. The chair is fully upholstered with a tub style seat and over-sized armrests. It is considered to be ‘love seat styled’ with the seat width being larger than most chairs for children. There are rubber stops on the bottom of the chair, and it is rated for children ageed between 18 months to about 4 years (depending on the size of your child).

What you will love about this Child’s Armchair

There is a lot to love about this chair, for starter’s it comes completely assembled. All you have to do is unbox it and put it where it needs to be. Most children take to the brightly colored fabric and soft padding right away. That it is specifically sized and made for a child makes it even more popular. Parents will love certain safety features about the chair that aren’t readily apparent.

Kids Children’s Red with Stars Fabric Tub Seat Armchair Sofa Seat Stool

First off, while it is upholstered much like a full size chair it doesn’t have any of the “adult” buttons or hooks that a child could get in trouble with. The second reason to love it is that the padding runs all the way down to the floor and blocks access to under the chair. The last reason is part safety and part consideration; not only do those rubber stops mean the chair won’t slide out from under your child as they get on and off, it also means it won’t scratch your floor either.

What detracts from the Chair?

Honestly, unless you plan on putting this in a playroom the bright red fabric background on this Children’s White Star Fabric Chair may not make it the easiest addition to your décor. It is a sizeable chair but the rubber stops we don’t like as much because it means you always have to pick the chair up to move it should you wish to relocate it to another part of the house. This is a small complaint, but for some with back issues it may be a deal breaker.

Is it for you and your child?

This children’s armchair is priced right, comes assembled and is sized perfectly for children 18 months and above. There is little reason not to consider it, except for the color, but it is also a color that children love and respond to. Perhaps thinking of a place you can put it where it won’t be the first thing a guest will see will solve that problem. A solid product at a great price (also check out this if you’re on a tighter budget).