When you choose to acquire a tub chair for your home or office there are a number of things you should consider before you drop your hard earned cash on just any model.

We have put the following guide together to aid you in your search for the perfect chair. So read the information below to educate yourself further and pick up some very important pointers, some of which you may not have even thought of.

Picture 14327Colour

The main colour you find these particular chairs in is dark brown. Brown looks great in almost any setting and is complimented by many colours. But, did you know that there are various other attractive offerings in differing hues? White is a huge favourite at the minute and you’ll be happy to know that a tub chair can be picked up in this clean and striking shade for under £70 if you look around.

Black is also a very safe hue that customers often choose. But don’t let these basic – and standard – colours be your only choice. You also can pick up red, blue, lime green, pink, yellow and even orange bucket chairs. Have a look around online and be sure to take a note of which colours take your fancy – there are literally 100’s of variances out there.

If you are big into interior design, and making sure colours do not clash, then this point should be particularly important to you.


Should you go with leather or faux leather? Or is a fabric chair more to your liking? Leather offerings obviously cost a good bit more but they will definitely last a lot longer and take more abuse than a faux leather model. Faux leather is cheaper and looks nearly as good but may not have as much of a lifespan as their real-leather peers. Regardless of if its fake or real, leather is very low maintenance and easy to clean with a damp cloth – so that’s a definite plus for both variances. Also be aware that leather will feel warmer in summer/hot weather and, in winter, it will be very cold when you sit on it initially.

A fabric model is a great choice for the budget conscious and those who wish to have a bigger choice of colours. They come in many more shades than their leather cousins so this is a huge plus for fabric chairs. Saying that, fabric doesn’t wear as well and is much more susceptible to tearing and ripping.

striped bucket chair 2Design

Stripes, dots or patterns? Yes, these chairs come in designs such as these. They will cost more than other chairs since they are a bit more exclusive and hard to source but they really do stand out in any room and look superb.


How much can you spend on a bucket chair? £50? £100? £1000? Whatever your budget there is always a product which will be suitable and available for you to buy. Budget chairs start at about fifty pounds, while for fifty extra pounds you can pick up a more durable and fancy offering. Make sure you know how much cash you have to splash before setting off to your local furniture store.