Finding the right occasional armchair for your home or office can be difficult. Not because there aren’t a great many tub chairs available, but the price of them in general can be a tad too much for most budgets. This is why the New Faux Leather Tub Chair caught our reviewer’s eyes; priced at a lowly £60 (approx. at time of going to print) with free delivery* in the United Kingdom it stands as your best choice for outfitting your personal or professional space with good looking occasional bucket chairs. We took a closer look to see if it was worth the money.

A Closer Look

The chair is a classic black tub chair with a rounded backrest and arms that flow from the back to the front edge. It measures 76 by 82 by 77 cm. The chair we looked at is coloured in black, but it is also available in white, red and dark brown. This chair’s principal covering is faux leather with hidden seams, so there are no unsightly panels on the body itself. There is one cushion with dense foam padding for excellent support. The legs are exposed, wood and stained to complement the colour of the product without drawing too much attention away from the chair itself.

tub chair in black

Good Points

There is a lot that works for this chair, including the price. The faux leather cover is thick and well made, so it won’t tear easily. It also resists stains and is easy to clean – a wet cloth should get rid of most stains. The lack of panel seams means there won’t be any traps in the cover to hold dirt and dust too. The removable cushion has a high quality foam inside that doesn’t degrade easily and it provides comfortable and firm support. The overall styling of the chair is elegant, but subdued. The slightly rounded shape allows it to fit as easily into a corner – but it will work against a wall or even at a table if needs be. The arm rests end with a gentle flare outwards that elevates this chairs appeal.

Any Downsides?

The clearance height between the floor and the base of the chair is just a shade too low to be able to easily push a vacuum underneath for cleaning, you will have to move the chair for this purpose. This points out a small failing in the overall design. The legs lack the rubber stops that will prevent the chair from scratching the floor if you are pushing it around. That is a simple fix for this though, with the aid of a package of felt or rubber bottoms.

Should you buy this black tub chair?

This is a well-made, comfortable and good looking chair. The decision by the manufacturer to stay with classic colors and details means it will fit into any space well. The cushion alone is enough reason to buy the chair, it will provide for years of comfortable sitting. If you just need an occasional chair in your home, or need to outfit an entire waiting room in your office, the price means you can do it and do it with style without breaking your budget.