antique black tubFor in or around £65, the first thought that may enter your head when looking at this offering is – “what’s wrong with it?” Tub style chairs have come back in fashion with a bang and the classic style, plus antique black look, of this one is sure to catch everyone’s eye. The price seems almost too good to be true, so what is wrong with it, if anything? We took a closer look and were surprised at what we found. This may very well be the perfect chair at the perfect price for your home or office…

Features of this Faux Leather Tub Chair

This faux leather chair is covered in a sturdy material that is finished with a classic, antique, black appearance. The firm tub cushion is double stitched and tube edged. The inside panel seams of the chair are sealed and flat sewn. The profile of the chair is low, but the deep tub and rounded back with arms create a kind of bucket chair that makes for that perfect place to relax. The chair measures 78 by 73 by 65 cm, and the entire chair can be sponge cleaned, so any stains will come right off with minimal hassle.

One of the major benefits of the chair is the 10 panel stitching on the inside of the tub. This draws the faux leather in tight to the structure, it still has room to give, but won’t become loose and ‘drapey’ like single paneled chairs.

The seams of the panels are also finely done. The tub cushion is firm and well fitted, using dense foam for the cushion filling. The cover is thick faux leather that is done in an antique black that will hold up to time and some relative hardship. Small accents such as the subtle flare out of the armrests over the subtle flare-in of the legs make this a striking chair without it ever drawing too much attention to itself.

More Important Information

The main drawback to this chair is that there is some minor assembly required. You don’t have to do anything like fill the cushions, but you will have to attach the legs. This is simple enough if you have proper tools, of which a screwdriver and adjustable wrench about sum up what is needed. The post screws on the legs can also be set by hand. That it needs the legs put on can also cause problems for you if lifting is an issue. You have to be comfortable turning a chair over and then righting it again. Asking someone to lend a hand for a few minutes can solve this problem very quickly.

If you don’t like putting things together, ask someone to help. This chair is so well made, so attractive and so affordable; it would be a shame to miss buying it at the price it is listing for right now. It will look perfect anywhere in the home, but can be utilized in an office or business just as easily. The durability and craftsmanship are wonderful, making this chair a real find.