Tub chairs are popular in restaurants and clubs, and many homeowners are discovering that they are a brilliant addition to their home as well. If you are shopping for one then this chair, in a rich brown colour, just might be what you are looking for. Retailing for about £60, it is in the budget range of bucket chairs which are ideal for dining areas, living rooms, offices or reception foyers. We took a look at how the chair was made, and whether or not it is comfortable to determine if it is possible to truly get a good deal at such a low price.


This faux leather tub chair is amply sized for comfort with a 4 paneled structure that connects the wing armrests to the back. The high rise of the back seams together, and the additional seams occur where the armrest begin. Even with the unique four panel design, the chair is curved to fit snugly into corners. The wooden legs are sturdy, polished and have a slight taper.

1home Bonded Leather Tub Chair

The ends of the armrests also wing slightly outward, a subtle touch of construction that adds to the overall elegance of the chair. The covering is made of bonded PU leather that is designed to be durable and easy to clean. The single cushion is well fitted in the basin and the padding on the whole chair is constructed from a dense yet soft foam type.

3 Important Points

While there is a lot to love about this chair, there are three very positive aspects that you should pay particular attention to. For one, the PU bonded leather is thick and very well made. Many chairs will use too thin a cover and the PU will split or tear easily. This chair can withstand wear, stains and is also cleaned quickly. The second thing to really appreciate is how the panel seams are constructed. If not produced correctly, they can become a perfect hiding place for dirt and debris, but these are sealed as well as stitched so no nasty build up ever occurs. The last point in this chairs favour is its comfort level – the padding delivers and doesn’t break down easily allowing for extended durability.

One Downside

If there is one fault about the 1home Bonded Faux Leather Tub Chair, it is that it is shipped – not delivered. That is an important distinction because it means that a full sized, fully assembled chair in a box will be arriving on your doorstep. You then have to carry it into your home yourself and place it where you wish for it to go. There won’t be any helpful deliverymen to carry it in for you (unless you are on very good terms with your local parcel delivery man!). Keep this in mind if you have limited mobility or back problems.

Our Final Verdict

This chair is comfortable, durable and will fit into any household setting. It is priced well so it is easy to afford several for your waiting room or office, or a few to scatter in convenient places around your home. The chair can be purchased in four attractive colours; red, white, black and brown. As long as you have a hand to help you unbox and place the chair, you will not regret this purchase. A great buy!